Audit and Assurance

Audits and independent reviews are a statutory requirement for some companies and institutions, and many also opt to have these in order to offer reassurance to their investors/trustees that their books, records and accounting system processes are effective and controlled.


The overall aim of audits and independent reviews is for the auditors to form an independent opinion regarding the completeness and accuracy of the financial statements for a given period as it involves the examination of the company’s financial and supporting records.


Audits and independent reviews still remain one of the most effective ways to give your business credibility.


Audits and Independent Reviews can assist your business as follows:


  • Improve tax efficiency
  • Improve management information
  • Identify potential weaknesses or threats and ways to alleviate them
  • Provide external reports to suit the need of stakeholders/trustees
  • Verification of records
  • Detection and prevention of possible fraud or error